Disney’s Christopher Robin (2018) Review

Wow, just wow. This brought back many memories for me. I grew up surrounded by Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and baby blankets (and still do). It’s a timeless classic, one that will never be forgotten. The plot started off as sort-of-depressing as the adult Christopher Robin had to leave his family to work on a project that required taking shortcuts to increase maximum profits. He got dragged back to Hundred-Acre Wood by Pooh Bear and slowly but surely reuniting them by saving them by an non-existent heffalump. Then, he leaves, but forgetting important papers for work at Hundred-Acre Wood. The daughter finds them and sends them back to London. She loses all but one, but Christopher Robin finds one of them and shows them a portion of the cuts. Then he shows his family about Hundred-Acre Wood. Overall, I’ll give it a thumbs up.


Les Mills 106 Bodypump Review

Here we go. Location of first learning of release: Bally’s on Fremont Blvd. Instructor: Rachel

Warm-Up: (Still the One) – Dead rows, and single rows (wide and normal) to the extreme. Upright rows, then switching to plates and doing squat presses, clean and press, and overhead lunge press.

Squat: (I am Here) – A squat track with actual lyrics? Really?!?! Anyways back to the topic. A lot of pulses, slow squats. Slow and time under tension = stronger leg muscles

Chest: (Little Thing Gone Wild) – Quick transitions, bench press, chest flies, and push-ups

Back and Leg: (Say Less) – Clean and Press, Power Press, Dead Rows, and a new move, Bent-over rows.

Triceps: (Tell Me You Love Me) – This track has overhead extensions, dips, and tricep push-ups.

Biceps: (Walk on Water) – This track was designed for loose plates due to the fact you alternate arms in this track. You really feel it in your arms.

Lunges: (Coco’s Miracle) – This poppy track is needed in this very serious release. Squats, followed by backward stepping lunges on each leg. I could barely walk up the stairs at Civic Center BART station (I’m typing this at the SF Main Library). This must be a good thing.

Shoulders: (Tribes) – Easy track, Rear-Deltoid raises, single arm extensions and Upright Rows.

Core: (Revenge) – Given I did this at Bally’s which has a yoga class before it and they take forever to clean up I’m surprised we got to do core. Oblique plate crunches, regular crunches, and hovers round that this track.

Cooldown: (Stargazing) – Rather boring, wish they could vary up the routine, but a great way to cool down and relax after a good workout.

Thanks for reading!



The Three Amigos of the California Governor Election.

It’s that time of year again. Primaries for the state of California. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. He was the mayor of San Francisco when he was given his current job. And out of all the three amigos, he accepts money from big businesses in lump sum. He was careless of handling the finances of San Francisco. He resisted big business and anything that would have helped San Francisco grow. We don’t need to slide into debt after a prosperous eight years of California that Jerry Brown has given us. On the flip side, he made substantial progress on giving the homeless a home.

Next we have Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He makes Newsom look like he’s careful with money.  He also has donations from big businesses. He even had a sex scandal in 2007. He focused on education, synchronized traffic lights, and reduced greenhouse gases. That sex scandal alone is not me letting vote for him though.

Finally, we have Treasurer John Chiang. He is moderate, handled finances very well to the point of prosperity for California for eight straight years. He is an unknown though and we don’t know how he will handle the reins of Governor, which is broader role than the positions, (one being controller) he was in.

I hope that this will be a resource of helping you decide who is the most qualified. Thanks for reading!

Les Mills Bodypump 105 Review

Here we go again..

  1. Warmup (All Stars)  – Similar to 104’s warmup. Except there is no clean and press and the focus on the shoulders is the squat press
  2. Squats (Do or Die) – Oh my god, this track was taxing and annoying. 3 Sets, minimal breaks in between. 2 singles and 2 bottom halves. My shoulders where I place the bar and my legs were on fire
  3. Chest (The Man) – Very intense, bar, pushups, and chest flies. Similar to the 80s Les Mills Releases
  4. Back and Leg (Stay for It) – Squat press, 8 clean and presses, and rows all round out this track.
  5. Triceps (What About Us) – Oh yeah, I love Pink. Press pullover, dips, and overhead extension round out this track
  6. Biceps (Champion) – Dumbbells all the way. Two alternate curls and two singles
  7. Lunges (How Do You Feel Right Now) –  Squats interspersed with backward stepping lunges. Painful.
  8. Shoulders (Lean Back) – Pushups, reverse flies, upright rows, mac raises, and singles extension round out this track
  9. Core – (Sweat) – Hovers and crunches. Basic track
  10. Cooldown – (Break my Habits) – You’re done. Yay!


The Top 10 of My Favorite Movies

  1. Hidden Figures – Such a powerful, moving movie. Three great African-American women doing the unthinkable and standing up for themselves. I am inspired by them everyday.
  2. The Help – This one a little sadder, but it does includes Octavia Spencer, the comedian in every role she touches. This one is sad because one of the maids (Viola Davis) gets fired over a lie by the town racist. What sadder is, her employer didn’t come to her aid.
  3. Game Change – I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I think Julienne Moore’s portrayal is spot-on. I’m a conservative Democrat and I think Sarah Palin is a good fodder for embarrassing moments.
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Give me a word, any word, and I tell you the root of that word is Greek in origin. Not remembering any other funny parts? You’re vegetarian? That’s okay I’ll make lamb. So funny.
  5. Akeelah and the Bee – I was in the spelling bee three years in the row. I never got to the Scripps National Spelling Bee but it was so hilarious. 🙂
  6.  Julie/Julia – I only liked half this movie. And it was the Meryl Streep part. She played Julia Child and she played it with gusto. They should have just made this movie about Julia Child and not add on the Julie Powell part.
  7. Aladdin – Rest in Peace Robin Williams, you were a great genie. You made Aladdin a prince and get to marry his love of his dreams.
  8. Beauty and the Beast – Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) was perfect for this role. I just wish they hired Lea Salonga or Christina Aguilera to do the singing. She required so much auto-tuning.
  9. Harry Potter Series – Out of all the directors I liked Alfonso Cuaron and David Yates the best. Columbus made it like a golden storybook and more of a kiddie movie. Newell was very sloppy in his directing. Yates and Cuaron handled the edgy material very well.
  10.  Marley and Me – After having a dog, I realize that my dog, Einstein, is more tame than Marley. The dog sitter never said I am a dog person, but that’s not a dog that is evil with a dog face.

Stay tuned for Les Mills 105. Faina might introduce it early (she works at Bay Club in Santa Clara, so she’s not breaking any rules) or it will be Jen and Karen that does the release for my first time.

Sneak Peek: Lunge Track of BodyPump 105: How Do You Feel Right Now?

Faina (Fah-eena), my bodypump instructor was so excited about this release that she shared this track with the Thursday at 5:30pm at the Paseo Padre Gym which is right close to my house. This was the lunge track and the song was How Do You Feel Right Now by Axwell and Ingrosso. And boy was it a tough track. Backward Stepping Lunges and Squats mixed in together. My legs were screaming murder after this track. I definitely know why Glen (the program director of BodyPump) picked this song. To torture the class participants. It makes me wonder what the rest of the release will be like. Stay tuned!

The Amazing Race: NS Style (First Leg)

Host Angie Cameron was at Three Palms Resort in St. Vanoix. She was going to greet and welcome the teams who were going to race around NSverse. There were 8 teams that signed up for the race. Those teams were

Samantha/Richard – Married Bloggers

Ryan/Rita –  Teachers

Josh/Dylan – Surfers

Therese/Jennifer – Rock Stars

Diane/Doug – Married Couple

Evelyn/Jessica – Best Friends Forever

Mike/Tom – Nurses

Welcome to The Amazing Race. This is going to be an amazing joyride around the world. The world is waiting, GO!

The teams got the clue from the palm trees flanking the resort. They went to the airport and went to the country stated in the clue. When they came to the first clue, it was detour. It was Electricity or Construction. They all chose Construction. Then came the roadblock. It was protecting Wind Drakes from Slaughter. Richard, Ryan, Josh, Therese, Diane, Evelyn, and Tom did the roadblock. Then they went to the pit stop. Therese/Jennifer got there first while Diane/Doug came in last and got eliminated.


This Is Not A Shopping List: Dr. Savidge’s Reaction to Queen Ant’s Weight

Dr. Ashley Savidge was studying on the latest bariatric produces when she met Queen Ant. Queen Ant told Dr. Savidge that she loved to eat and she harbored no addiction to food. She also told her her favorite food was dhal rice. Dr. Savidge sent her things not to eat and placed her on a 1200 calorie diet. She also arranged weekly phone calls to Lola Clay in Houston to comfort her on her weight loss journey. She said if you lose 200 pounds, you just need skin-removal surgery. Queen Ant worked her butt off. She stuck to her diet and got sent to El Camino Hospital for her first of four skin-removal surgery. Afterwards, her weight loss was a breeze and she completed all four of her skin-removal surgery. Queen Ant and Dr. Savidge was so happy they jumped for joy. Queen Ant loves her new healthy life and can’t wait to begin her next journey.

Queen Ant’s Weight Loss Journey

In Fremont there lived a queen who was an obese ant. She weighed over 600 pounds and was seeking Dr. Nowzaradan’s help in Houston. The problem was that he couldn’t treat ants. He did offer the queen some diet tips and sent her to Dr. Ashley Savidge at Stanford Hospital. Dr. Savidge ordered her to be placed on a 1200 calorie diet. Queen Ant was so motivated that she didn’t need weight loss surgery. She cut portion sizes so small that Dr. Savidge said gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or lap-band surgery wasn’t necessary. Dr. Savidge had three hospitals she was welcomed at. The hospitals were Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and O’Connor Hospital. She was sent to El Camino Hospital for skin-removal surgery. At the end of the journey she was only an ounce. She was so happy to begin her new healthy life and can’t wait for her next experiences in life.

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