The Magician: The Activist

Stand up everybody! We all are magicians and we can voodoo our fraud of our President out. Need reasons why? We shouldn’t have a comedian for our President. We shouldn’t have someone who uses backroom deals with foreign governments to protect his power. We as activists should stand up and fight this. We can be magicians in this fight.


Niles Canyon Stroll and Roll

On a crisp morning, I got up and immediately went to Niles Canyon. It was closed to all vehicles and it was wonderful. Peacefully calm. All Fremonters and their families came and it was a blast. I met BART director Liz Ames, shared my thoughts with her and realized that we’re on the same page. Bikemobile was there and tuned up my bike. 6.4 miles of utter joy. Perfect morning.

This Is Ridiculous

Social media that is. I initially many moons ago started this blog to do many of the things social media is doing now. What a toxic environment. Blogging seems calming, and blogging, especially about Les Mills releases, makes me happy. Self-care comes first than social media. No sir/ma’am, I will not be starting a Patreon to monetize my blog. Crazy how this world has come to.

Les Mills Bodypump 111 Review

Oh god, only two songs I recognized. P!nk, Ariana Grande, and an obscure Meghan Trainor song were the artists I recognized. Are they choosing the most obscure songs and singers? Let’s get to the review though.

  1. (Warm-up) Speechless (Robin Schulz feat. Erika Sirola) – The usual, dead row, dead lifts, clean and press, but then, a new combo dead row with upright row. Squats and lunges finish out the track
  2. (Squats) Chase the Sun (Hardwell, Dannic, feat. Kelli-Leigh) – The combo this release is two singles and three bottom halves. Oh, and several singles, with calf raises with a plate.
  3. (Chest) Youngblood (5 Seconds of Summer) – Chest Flies, an unrecognizable move that goes narrow, wide, and up, and walking push ups
  4. (Back and Leg) Reserve (Egzod, Leo the Kind), The combo of the day was low pulls, high pulls, and clean and press.
  5. (Triceps) High Hopes (Panic! at the Disco) – Overhead Extensions, Dips, and Tricep Kick-Backs round out this track.
  6. (Biceps) Walk Me Home (P!nk) – When did P!nk become so obscure, that this is the first time hearing this song? Alternating arms bicep curls, bottom halves, and bicep rows. I estimate I did 155-160 reps, which is more than the last release.
  7. (Lunges) – Face My Fears – English Version (Hikaru Utada, Skrillex) – Better face your fears, because this one is a doozy. Backward stepping lunges, side lunges, and we do it all over again with the other leg.
  8. (Shoulders) Focus (Deorro fear. Lena Leon) – Front Raises, Mac Raises, and Side Raises for plates, then overhead presses with the bar.
  9. (Abs) – FOOLISH (Meghan Trainor) C-Crunches and Hip Bridges
  10. (Cooldown) Imagine (Ariana Grande) – This depressing song makes you want to clean up and leave the Group Exercise Studio and that’s exactly what most people did. Leave the studio and not do the cooldown.

East Asians and White Supremacy

I’ve been following Sangeetha Thanapal’s Facebook page and something struck me. I’m Asian American, but I’m not fully East Asian and I’m also not fully South Asian. I’m mixed, and the mirror says so. What lead me to write this post, an East Asian holding white supremacist views. So let me back it up.

In 1941, Japan sided with Germany, Italy, and Spain to form the Axis Powers. You might have learned it in your history classes so I won’t go into depth about it. Very recently and it is still going on, and this breaks most people’s heart is the tweets Trump sends out. Most of the time it is about race and sexual orientation discrimination. Let’s talk about the racial portion about this as this relates to this blog post.

Trump is holding people of Latin American heritage and perhaps other racial backgrounds in what is basically concentration camps. They are cramped, horrified, and scared. At the same time, millions of young white men, are killing our fellow citizens. I’d go on about our laxness of our gun control policies but that’s a different topic to tell another day. What surprised me in Thanapal’s post is an East Asian espousing the same views and declaring that they think they’re basically white. I think he should look at himself at mirror. He is not White. He basically espoused what Trump is saying about minorities and he is a minority. As I said, I’m part East Asian. She is from Singapore, so I don’t personally know what it is like down in Singapore. But, I’ve been following her posts, and she says that East Asians seems to be on their high horse and think they’re the white man’s successor to put in bluntly.

My take on it is that choose your leaders wisely. You don’t know who is going to come out of the woodwork and do what your words say. Words have meaning, and your followers look up to you. And you as a fellow ordinary guy or gal, should choose words and actions in a meaningful way. This is the deepest post I’ve written and I’m proud of it.

Performers on BART

Those street performers you see performing for a honest living, those I don’t mind giving a tip for. Those performers that you see on trains, primarily hip-hop dancers, you could probably guess the race of those dancers, those irk me. What’s even more bothersome they aren’t supposed to perform on trains. I get so frustrated that sometimes I report them to the conductor as panhandlers. That’s their job, right? Am I not mistaken?

Les Mills 110 BodyPump Review

Welcome to another Les Mills BodyPump review. In time for summer vacation, yay! Time to get your butts, abs, legs, chest, and ALL of your muscles toned for summer. The instructor I took this class was my very first BodyPump instructor Cindy I. She teaches at Auto Mall in Fremont and Fremont Sport. Without further ado, let’s review this release.

  1. Warm Up (I Need – Wilkinson, Hayla) – Dead Rows, Single Rows, Clean and Press, High Pulls, Squats and Lunges. This was honestly better suited for a warm-up track.
  2. Squats (Wild Wild Son, Club Mix – Armin van Buuren and Sam Martin) – Timing is key is this track, Not a lot of pulses, just bottom-halves and singles. But even without weight (Instructor did the last set without weight, so I wanted to avoid injury and did this without weight, will probably do it with weight soon), it was a doozy.
  3. Chest (Heads Up – JAIN) – Mainly singles, very little bottom-half pulses, and static and walking push-ups. Pretty easy.
  4. Back and Leg (First Time – Seven Lions, SLANDER, Dabin, Dylan Matthew) – The whole posterior chain, upper back, lower back, glutes, and legs gets targeted and it’s wonderful! (Not really.) We start with dead rows, then go into high pulls with dead rows, transitioning to clean and press and dead rows. The icing of this half-rotten cake (No offense to Cindy, she just had to follow the choreography) was the squat press. Woo for Cindy for not going into a 5 minutes diatribe about what seems to be a history of the clean and press.
  5. Triceps (Woman Like Me – Little Mix feat. Nicki Minaj) – Tricep Extensions, Tricep Rows, and Press-Pullover, Dips (5-4 and above, your booty will touch the floor, so three risers is welcome for dips), and overhead tricep extensions.
  6. Biceps (Machine – Imagine Dragons) – Biceps are the easiest to do, Bar work which includes pulses and full ranges moves. Moving on to the plates, alternating arms, and mid-ranges pulses
  7. Lunges (Buscando – GTA feat. Jenn Morel) – Having a Spanish-speaking instructor (her native language is Spanish) she was really in her zone. Her energy transpired on us while we did static lunges and backward-stepping lunges.
  8. Shoulders – (Losing It – FISHER) – Slow clean, overhead press, push press, then going on the ground for side raises, rotator raises, and rear delt raise. Second part we did TWICE.
  9. Core (Taki Taki – DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B) – Kelly actually introduced the choreo to me. C Crunches, Hip Bridges, Glutes, and Hovers.
  10. Cooldown (Want To – Dua Lipa) – Is this a cool-down track or a warm-up track? Just god-awful. But at this point you just wanna go home. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

I’ve have a secret. I’m a Full-Time Volunteer at Project Homeless Connect.

Every quarter I go to either the Bayview or Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to volunteer. And every quarter, the cafe gets swamped, food bank tends to fill up and run out real fast, medical appointments gets booked up, but there’s one place that is rarely visited. The job section. This is my job, volunteering at PHC. I gain experience from working there, and eventually when I get a paid job, this will help me. I am blessed to have a home, loving parents, a dog, therapists, psychiatrist, and so on. Those people I feel chose to be in this situation. When I do check-in, I develop a road map to what they need. I try to convince them, to go to the job section. They don’t even volunteer at PHC to get job experience, they go straight to the cafe or the food bank. I understand they need it, but Ms. Zordel and Meghan Freebeck, co-CEOs, developed this program to get what they need and it even got endorsed by London Breed. This is no excuse to stay homeless.

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