Congresswoman Cardi B (op-ed)

Cardi B, the rapper who danced for dollars in her youth, ascended to fame in a dramatic and swift fashion, now has a desire and hunger to be a congresswoman. Two times I have mentioned her in this blog, my reviews of Les Mills 109 (she sang the tricep track, I Like It), Les Mills 110 (she lent her vocals on Taki Taki, the ab track). Let’s examine the current state of our government as is right now.

The state of the U.S Government as it is, fractured, led by the lunatic Trump. Democrats pass bills that help the country, and the Republicans have Trump holding the marionette and fiddling while Rome (or Washington D.C) burns. The majority of this people have Master’s and PHDs. Let’s now turn to Cardi B’s history.

Cardi B’s background is different. She grew up in a manner similar to Ocasio-Cortez’s. She had a rough upbringing and struggled in school. She dropped into and turned to stripping to pay the bills. She said once she went to stripping, she went back to school, however she dropped out. She says she wants to go back to school just for this reason, which is to be in Congress. Go for it, Cardi B! If I was in New Jersey, I’ll vote for you in a heartbeat. You know your shortcomings, I see you as a strong willed person who will fight for your country and believe and stand up for what we need. You won’t send our troops to a needless war with Iran, you won’t build a wall on the southern border, you’ll give us universal health care, you’ll give us education. You’ll be excellent, Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B’s real name)! Congresswoman Cardi B will be coming soon in the near future.

Where’s the Love For Chindians Like Me?

I’m Part Asian Indian and Chinese, which is apparently rare especially in Singapore. I’m told that Singapore went through a terrible eugenics process and purged Asian Indians. In America, I’ve yet to see someone of my heritage walk around or books written about characters like me. In Singapore, those skyscrapers y’all love so much, lies Asian Indian construction workers. I have no proof, but when you Chinese call diversity it is usually White and Chinese. In fact, Hamilton, a color conscious musical, had only one Asian American actress, Phillipa Soo, and she was Chinese American. None of the actors or actresses were of Asian Indian heritage. But who knows probably one day, we’ll be united as one.

Unfinished Journey

I believe that we can never finish our journeys. We dream that heaven or hell is the ultimate destination or “finish line”. In reality, we have no finish line. We always have unfinished business to take care of. We die with regrets. But that is life and we should take advantage of our lives.

Hamilton Review: December 5, 2019

It felt weird. It just seemed weird. I heard the soundtrack multiple times, but I never thought I see the play in a million years. Of course, I got the understudy for Hamilton, and his name was DeAundre Woods’. Still, he was great and he was full of passion. The star of the show I felt was Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson who was played by Simon Longnight in my performance. He cued the audience when he entered the stage as Thomas Jefferson. He’s no Daveed Diggs, but he was pretty good. Hamilton’s wife was so amazing, she was portrayed by Julia K. Harriman. You can tell she was trying to act helpless which is what the character called for. Angelica Schuyler was played by Sabrina Sloan and was lackluster in her performance compared to Renee Elise Goldsberry. I might have mentioned Goldsberry in another post, she played Mimi Marquez on Rent and from looking at the playbill, Sloan played Mimi as well. Burr’s actor Donald Webber Jr., was tremendous and Odom Jr would be proud. King George III was Rick Negron and he was dancing at the most inappropriate spots like “The Reynolds Pamphlet”. I cannot forget the other Schuyler Sister, Peggy Schuyler, who disguised herself as Maria Reynolds (it was a dual role), Darilyn Castillo. she was even more desperate and helpless than Eliza. Hated the two duels of course. Hamilton review is over.

Les Mills BodyPump 112 Review: Killer Queen

Hi team!

1. Warm-up (So Close) — Same but wide squats.

2. Squats (Starry Eyes) — The real killer comes in the calf raises. I hate it with a vengeance. Wait for what comes after this track which the instructor cued perfectly (not)

3. Chest (Killer Queen) — I don’t know the real choreography, this awesome instructor, cued it so badly. I’ll still go to her classes and who doesn’t like Queen? But the choreography? Awful. Glen, if you’re reading this, explain the choreo better to your tribe.

4. Back and Leg (UCLA) — It’ll get mellow for this track, I promise. Just dead rows, high pulls, and clean and presses.

5. Triceps (Hustle) — Oh, Glen, you just like to torture your tribe. The only good thing was P!nk was singing it. Kickback rows, overhead extensions w/ plate, and Jack pushups

6. Biceps (Dies Irae) — Fast paced, bottom halves, but please take a break in the middle of the track.

7. Lunges (Pica) — They pick foreign language singers for the lunge track lately and the instructor says she uses it for her Zumba class, exact same moves as last release.

8. Shoulders — (Do It Again) — Front raises, side raises, Mac raises, and rear delt raise, all with plates.

9. Core — (No New Friends) — C crunch, bicycle kicks, and hip bridges.

10. Cooldown — (Miracle) Try to guess!

I’m just like my country young, scrappy, and hungry: Millennials.

I’m a millennial. I live in the good U.S of A. I love listening to Hamilton. I think we are living in a time that the Founding Fathers lived through. I equate Trump to King George III. Even the Founding Fathers will be embarrassed about Trump. Just remember this, they had to fight for freedom. We just have to vote for freedom. Millennials are the biggest portion of the 2020 electorate. The song “The Election of 1800”, I feel is similar to this election. I feel Trump doesn’t stand a chance if the Dems are United. Hamilton had to choose the lesser of the two evils. We are also younger than Hamilton was back then. We are young, scrappy, and hungry.

The Magician: The Activist

Stand up everybody! We all are magicians and we can voodoo our fraud of our President out. Need reasons why? We shouldn’t have a comedian for our President. We shouldn’t have someone who uses backroom deals with foreign governments to protect his power. We as activists should stand up and fight this. We can be magicians in this fight.

Niles Canyon Stroll and Roll

On a crisp morning, I got up and immediately went to Niles Canyon. It was closed to all vehicles and it was wonderful. Peacefully calm. All Fremonters and their families came and it was a blast. I met BART director Liz Ames, shared my thoughts with her and realized that we’re on the same page. Bikemobile was there and tuned up my bike. 6.4 miles of utter joy. Perfect morning.

This Is Ridiculous

Social media that is. I initially many moons ago started this blog to do many of the things social media is doing now. What a toxic environment. Blogging seems calming, and blogging, especially about Les Mills releases, makes me happy. Self-care comes first than social media. No sir/ma’am, I will not be starting a Patreon to monetize my blog. Crazy how this world has come to.

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