The Amazing Race: NS Style (First Leg)

Host Angie Cameron was at Three Palms Resort in St. Vanoix. She was going to greet and welcome the teams who were going to race around NSverse. There were 8 teams that signed up for the race. Those teams were

Samantha/Richard – Married Bloggers

Ryan/Rita –  Teachers

Josh/Dylan – Surfers

Therese/Jennifer – Rock Stars

Diane/Doug – Married Couple

Evelyn/Jessica – Best Friends Forever

Mike/Tom – Nurses

Welcome to The Amazing Race. This is going to be an amazing joyride around the world. The world is waiting, GO!

The teams got the clue from the palm trees flanking the resort. They went to the airport and went to the country stated in the clue. When they came to the first clue, it was detour. It was Electricity or Construction. They all chose Construction. Then came the roadblock. It was protecting Wind Drakes from Slaughter. Richard, Ryan, Josh, Therese, Diane, Evelyn, and Tom did the roadblock. Then they went to the pit stop. Therese/Jennifer got there first while Diane/Doug came in last and got eliminated.



This Is Not A Shopping List: Dr. Savidge’s Reaction to Queen Ant’s Weight

Dr. Ashley Savidge was studying on the latest bariatric produces when she met Queen Ant. Queen Ant told Dr. Savidge that she loved to eat and she harbored no addiction to food. She also told her her favorite food was dhal rice. Dr. Savidge sent her things not to eat and placed her on a 1200 calorie diet. She also arranged weekly phone calls to Lola Clay in Houston to comfort her on her weight loss journey. She said if you lose 200 pounds, you just need skin-removal surgery. Queen Ant worked her butt off. She stuck to her diet and got sent to El Camino Hospital for her first of four skin-removal surgery. Afterwards, her weight loss was a breeze and she completed all four of her skin-removal surgery. Queen Ant and Dr. Savidge was so happy they jumped for joy. Queen Ant loves her new healthy life and can’t wait to begin her next journey.

Queen Ant’s Weight Loss Journey

In Fremont there lived a queen who was an obese ant. She weighed over 600 pounds and was seeking Dr. Nowzaradan’s help in Houston. The problem was that he couldn’t treat ants. He did offer the queen some diet tips and sent her to Dr. Ashley Savidge at Stanford Hospital. Dr. Savidge ordered her to be placed on a 1200 calorie diet. Queen Ant was so motivated that she didn’t need weight loss surgery. She cut portion sizes so small that Dr. Savidge said gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or lap-band surgery wasn’t necessary. Dr. Savidge had three hospitals she was welcomed at. The hospitals were Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and O’Connor Hospital. She was sent to El Camino Hospital for skin-removal surgery. At the end of the journey she was only an ounce. She was so happy to begin her new healthy life and can’t wait for her next experiences in life.

Les Mills 104 BodyPump Review.

Here we go… (This is all covers)

Warmup – (More Than You Know) – This started out very slow with dead rows, upright rows, clean and press, and squats. Then with plates we did clean and press with plates and backward-stepping lunges.

Squat – (Black Rose) – A lot of bottom-halves and pulses. Good solid track though.

Chest – (Young and Menace) – This had a good beat. Started out in a wide-grip, moved to mid-grip then did some push-ups

Back and Leg – (Ain’t Giving Up) – I’d prefer a grittier back and leg track. But this isn’t the purpose of this review. Dead Rows, Clean and Press (8 of them!!) then clean and press with plates.

Triceps – (Touch) – Standing overhead extensions then tricep push-ups then alternating three times with sitting overhead extension and dips.

Biceps – (Back Again) – I never experienced a bicep track quite like this before. Bar with bicep rows and two singles, then plates with alternating arms and two singles.

Lunges – (Rise and Shine) – 4-4 Lunges, Backward Stepping Lunges, and finishing off with 24 squat pulses and a slow squat. This reminded me of Les Mills Bodypump 93’s lunge track, 1941.

Shoulders – (Into Dust) – Overhead Presses, Upright Rows, and Front Raises round out this track.

Core – (No Vacancy) – This is a good basic core track. Oblique crunches only. 🙂

Cool-Down – (Quit) – Nothing Special, just a good way to relax after a long workout.


Neighbors Moving Out

I am happy as a clam at high tide that the neighbors two doors down are moving out. I live in a TOD (transit-oriented development) in Fremont. It all started when two days ago the sloppy jalopy got sent to a Pick-n-Pull and the boat got sent to a marina. I know it’s schadenfreude, but I’m happy. Their house was like an used car dealership. I’m surprised people didn’t come to their house and gawk at the surroundings. That’s the end of this chapter.

Desert Island Discs (Part 2)

Here we go, I’m stranded in the Bahamas, with nothing but 8 songs, a book, and my luxury item.

  1. Ciara (One Woman Army) – Ciara is very empowering and very motivating.
  2. Lisa Stansfield (All Around The World, duet with Barry White) – Oldie but goodie, very sad, but she is very hopeful to find her boyfriend.
  3. Kelly Rowland (Motivation feat. Lil Wayne) – I LOVE Kelly Rowland, was tempted to bring Commander again but decided to try a different song.
  4. Kelly Clarkson (Miss Independent) – I think this is decent, will try to live with it if I was actually stranded.
  5. Jessie J (Bang Bang feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj) – Listening to it is all well and good, getting tortured by it is another thing.
  6. Maroon 5 (One More Night) – Sad to hear about this, but has a great beat.
  7. Fergie (You Already Know feat. Nicki Minaj) – Is it bad to only bring this along because of the first half of the song?
  8. Alexandra Burke (Elephant Feat. Erick Morillo) – Very catchy beat.

My book will be Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly and my luxury item will be my laptop.

My Desert Island Disc

I am going to pretend I was stranded at an airport and only had eight songs,  a book, and a luxury item.

Kelly Rowland (Commander feat. David Guetta) – I LOVE this track. Beat is very flowing and very empowering to both boys and girls

Kelis  (Brave and Segue 6) – Very sad song, but she (Kelis) remembers her time with her ex-husband, Nas and thinks for the future with her son.

Keyshia Cole (Ride feat. Kamaiyah) – New song, very hip, both singers are natives from Bay Area. It’s slow though.

Keyshia Cole (Love Letter feat. Future) – Very slow, passionate, and thinks only good things she had with her husband.

Rihanna – (Skin)  My one sexual song, very deep but provocative.

Mary J. Blige (Love Yourself feat. Kanye West)  Focus on yourself, not others is this focus of this song.

Macy Gray (I Try)  This song started off on Gilmore Girls, and still have a catchy beat even now.

Ariana Grande (Into You) – This song never gets old, I feel that this is a start to her new sexual image.

My book will be The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and my luxury item will be my laptop.



Musings on BART, poop on the train.

Something disgusting happened on BART yesterday. Someone pooped on the train. Hold your poop or better yet, don’t pull down your pants and poop on the train. 400,000 riders go on BART every day and most of us want a nice clean train and not have to report anything to the operator. I wish that we had better options from Southern Alameda County (I live in Fremont, in case you’re wondering), to the city or Oakland. I watched a video showing cleaners Eric Martin and Veronica Negrete, from I’m assuming the Hayward Maintenance Complex and seeing the poop on the train, I can only imagine what they go through day in and day out. Don’t expel your bodily waste on the train!

On a side note, since this happened the day of, I saw the filming of Ant-Man and the Wasp aka Cherry Blue. I saw Evangeline Lilly reading a book and from a distance Paul Rudd in costume as Ant-Man. I am so happy that they came to town, but it made my stay at Fisherman’s Wharf a little more hectic but it gets the city I love the most a little more money, so I’m happy.

Les Mills 103 BodyPump Review

Welcome! I just came back from Hayward Super Sport and did the new release, courtesy of Agnes R. and Jenny F. Here we go!

Warm-Up (Places) – Starting off with dead-rows, wide bent-over rows, then upright rows, clean and press, and squats. Then we switch to plates and to side-raises, rotator raise, and lunges.

Squats (Here Comes The Sun) – No, not the Beatles we’re talking about. Anyways, back on topic, we do squat in a wide and wider stance and it was extremely tough.

Alternate Track Squats (I Still Recall) – Slow and control is the name of the game in this track.

Chest (Believer) – Chest Press, Pushups and a new move the Chest Pullover, nothing too difficult.

Back and Leg (I Need You) – Dead Rows, Triple Rows, Wide Bent-Over Rows, Clean and Press and the icing on the cake, Squat Presses

Triceps (Come Get It Bae) – A LONG set of tricep extensions, then dips, then pushups, then we finish off with tricep extensions.

Biceps (Let Me Love You) – Nothing ruins a moment than Justin Bieber. But it was a good workout, there was a combo. 4 pulses, and twice alternating arms. PLEASE get the plates or dumbbells, it will save you heartache.

Lunges – (ILYSM), 16 Bottom-Half lunges, and 32 Bottom-Half squats, very difficult and hard. But it’s worth it in the end.

Shoulders (Paris) – Reverse fly starts it off, then upright rows then front raise, repeated TWICE!

Core (I Love You) – Crunches, Rotating Crunches, and Bicycle Kick line up in this track.

Cool-Down (1 Night) – Okay, this is the end, pat yourself on the back and say yay! You did it!









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