Les Mills 108 BodyPump Review.

Welcome to this review of BodyPump 108!

  1. Warm-Up (Panic Room) Back to basics with this one, just dead rows, clean and press, squats, and lunges.
  2. Squats (Pump It Up – Extended Mix) Three identical sets of work, very fast, a lot of pulses, and the cherry on top a high tempo.
  3. Chest (Great Wide Open) A funky combo where you hold the hold plates up, then go wide, then move it to center, then move it back up top. Then chest flies, then push ups. Very slow tempo.
  4. Back and Leg (Therapy – Club Extended Remix) Power Press, Clean and Press, and Single Row with Plate Only easy track.
  5. Triceps (Say Amen, Saturday Night) Overhead Extensions, Push-ups, and Kick-Back Rows. Twice!
  6. Biceps (Make It Rain) Alternating Curls, Pulses, then, Bicep Rows, then switch to barbells and then do pulses and more pulses.
  7. Lunges (Ready for It) Easier than most of the lunge tracks these days, Backward stepping lunges, squats, and static lunges.
  8. Shoulders (Boomshalak, Extended Mix) Reverse Fly with a twist (literal), Upright Rows, Push Ups, Twice.
  9. Abs (LET YOU BE RIGHT) Opposite of chest combo to begin, hip bridges, and hovers
  10. Cool-down (Remind Me To Forget) Easy track, a lot of yoga-like stretching.

A message from Dangellos10 this holiday season.




I’ve seen enough parents, especially from Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco (I’ve been doing this for 4 years and 9 months including 3 holiday seasons) cry either to me or my fellow volunteers that their kid weren’t good enough or if Santa didn’t like them as much. Breaks my heart to see that happening.


Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate this holiday season!

Santa Claus’ Move from North Pole to China.

(I don’t believe in Santa, so please take this as entertainment, and if you believe in Santa coming from the North Pole, my hat goes out to you, I am writer and love to write)

All of Santa’s elves have been laid off Santa Claus felt guilty about the people starving to death on the street. So, he shuttered his North Pole factory and moved to China. There he created a global hiring system, everything was made either by automated systems or by humans. He was dedicated for rent that was appropriate to pay his employees a wage that can make his employees survive in this turbulent economy. By doing so, he expanded he quadrupled his factory from the size of his old workshop. Many employees Chinese or not flocked to his factory to get a job. He thought he would will have to accept everyone but it turned out, his company was making the gifts at 100 percent capacity. So, in the interest of keeping some of the money to feed his reindeers, he decided that it would be best to lay some of his employees off. He felt bad, unlike most CEOs, but he know that it was for the best. When Christmas comes along, he would make sure that this move will be the best move he ever made.

Daphne, Rosario, Jaime, Tamyra, Renee: Which One Performed Out Tonight Better

I will be comparing the Mimi Marquezs on Rent and how they performed her signature song, Out Tonight.

Daphne Rubin-Vega – Why did Jonathan Larson cast her I have no idea. Her performance of this was cringy, and uncomfortable to watch.

Rosario Dawson –  I know this is from the movie, but this is pretty good. She acts like a teenager which is what Mimi is. A 19-year-old. She is very sensual, and in other songs she performs Mimi like she is soft-spoken. It’s hard to guess she’s an addict who has HIV.

Jaime Lee Kirchner – Like Daphne, but less cringy, great voice, almost like Rosario and Renee Elise Goldsberry who I will critique later. She has great theatrics.

Tamyra Gray – There’s a reason why people cheered for her. She is the American Idol first season’s fourth place contestant. She should release an album of her own. She has a great voice, but lack theatrics like Jaime.

Renee Elise Goldsberry – There’s a reason why she was 37 playing a 19-year-old. She has so much energy. Her other songs except Happy New Year B (the better singer goes to the cringy Rubin-Vega) were spot-on. She has endless energy, and her character has HIV.

It’s no doubt that the honor for the best “Out Tonight” should go to Renee Elise Goldsberry. She was the only one to win a Tony Award (for a different show called Hamilton) Soap Opera Fans should know her as Evangeline Williamson on One Life to Live. She is just so amazing.


Les Mills 107 Bodypump Review.

    1. Warmup (Lullaby) – Rows, (Normal and Wide), Upright Rows (Remember to keep them below your headlights, underneath your ribcage!) Clean and Press (Plates and Bar), and the usual squats and lunges.
    2. Squats (Dreamer) – Bottom Halves and Singles, but mainly singles.
    3. Chests – (Dangerous Night) – Chest Press, A-Press, and Military Push-Ups.
    4. Back and Leg (BOOM) – Single Arm Standing Row, (recommended to put an arm to the side for a challenge), Clean and Press, and Rows.
    5. Triceps – (NO EXCUSES) – Tricep Push-Ups, Overhead Tricep Presses, and Kick-Back Rows
    6. Biceps – (Church) – This bicep track was easier than recent than most recent releases, just singles and three bottom-halves pulses then a new move — resist.
    7. Lunges – (Going Mad) – Going Mad seems apt for this song, but the first half was easy, but the second half with was equal was challenging. Backward stepping lunges and squats.
    8. Shoulders – (We Want Your Soul) – 16 Overhead Presses, and 16 Push-Presses, Upright Rows, Reverse Fly, Side and Rotator Raises
    9. Core – (2 Da Moon) – I really need to listen to KBLX or KMEL (The local R&B Stations), Lateral Crunches and Crunches was the tune of this song.
    10. Cooldown – (Miss You) – This is dependent on the instructor and what the class experienced that class that day.

Thanks for reading!

Disney’s Christopher Robin (2018) Review

Wow, just wow. This brought back many memories for me. I grew up surrounded by Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and baby blankets (and still do). It’s a timeless classic, one that will never be forgotten. The plot started off as sort-of-depressing as the adult Christopher Robin had to leave his family to work on a project that required taking shortcuts to increase maximum profits. He got dragged back to Hundred-Acre Wood by Pooh Bear and slowly but surely reuniting them by saving them by an non-existent heffalump. Then, he leaves, but forgetting important papers for work at Hundred-Acre Wood. The daughter finds them and sends them back to London. She loses all but one, but Christopher Robin finds one of them and shows them a portion of the cuts. Then he shows his family about Hundred-Acre Wood. Overall, I’ll give it a thumbs up.

Les Mills 106 Bodypump Review

Here we go. Location of first learning of release: Bally’s on Fremont Blvd. Instructor: Rachel

Warm-Up: (Still the One) – Dead rows, and single rows (wide and normal) to the extreme. Upright rows, then switching to plates and doing squat presses, clean and press, and overhead lunge press.

Squat: (I am Here) – A squat track with actual lyrics? Really?!?! Anyways back to the topic. A lot of pulses, slow squats. Slow and time under tension = stronger leg muscles

Chest: (Little Thing Gone Wild) – Quick transitions, bench press, chest flies, and push-ups

Back and Leg: (Say Less) – Clean and Press, Power Press, Dead Rows, and a new move, Bent-over rows.

Triceps: (Tell Me You Love Me) – This track has overhead extensions, dips, and tricep push-ups.

Biceps: (Walk on Water) – This track was designed for loose plates due to the fact you alternate arms in this track. You really feel it in your arms.

Lunges: (Coco’s Miracle) – This poppy track is needed in this very serious release. Squats, followed by backward stepping lunges on each leg. I could barely walk up the stairs at Civic Center BART station (I’m typing this at the SF Main Library). This must be a good thing.

Shoulders: (Tribes) – Easy track, Rear-Deltoid raises, single arm extensions and Upright Rows.

Core: (Revenge) – Given I did this at Bally’s which has a yoga class before it and they take forever to clean up I’m surprised we got to do core. Oblique plate crunches, regular crunches, and hovers round that this track.

Cooldown: (Stargazing) – Rather boring, wish they could vary up the routine, but a great way to cool down and relax after a good workout.

Thanks for reading!



The Three Amigos of the California Governor Election.

It’s that time of year again. Primaries for the state of California. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. He was the mayor of San Francisco when he was given his current job. And out of all the three amigos, he accepts money from big businesses in lump sum. He was careless of handling the finances of San Francisco. He resisted big business and anything that would have helped San Francisco grow. We don’t need to slide into debt after a prosperous eight years of California that Jerry Brown has given us. On the flip side, he made substantial progress on giving the homeless a home.

Next we have Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He makes Newsom look like he’s careful with money.  He also has donations from big businesses. He even had a sex scandal in 2007. He focused on education, synchronized traffic lights, and reduced greenhouse gases. That sex scandal alone is not me letting vote for him though.

Finally, we have Treasurer John Chiang. He is moderate, handled finances very well to the point of prosperity for California for eight straight years. He is an unknown though and we don’t know how he will handle the reins of Governor, which is broader role than the positions, (one being controller) he was in.

I hope that this will be a resource of helping you decide who is the most qualified. Thanks for reading!

Les Mills Bodypump 105 Review

Here we go again..

  1. Warmup (All Stars)  – Similar to 104’s warmup. Except there is no clean and press and the focus on the shoulders is the squat press
  2. Squats (Do or Die) – Oh my god, this track was taxing and annoying. 3 Sets, minimal breaks in between. 2 singles and 2 bottom halves. My shoulders where I place the bar and my legs were on fire
  3. Chest (The Man) – Very intense, bar, pushups, and chest flies. Similar to the 80s Les Mills Releases
  4. Back and Leg (Stay for It) – Squat press, 8 clean and presses, and rows all round out this track.
  5. Triceps (What About Us) – Oh yeah, I love Pink. Press pullover, dips, and overhead extension round out this track
  6. Biceps (Champion) – Dumbbells all the way. Two alternate curls and two singles
  7. Lunges (How Do You Feel Right Now) –  Squats interspersed with backward stepping lunges. Painful.
  8. Shoulders (Lean Back) – Pushups, reverse flies, upright rows, mac raises, and singles extension round out this track
  9. Core – (Sweat) – Hovers and crunches. Basic track
  10. Cooldown – (Break my Habits) – You’re done. Yay!


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